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Welcome to Bookspan. Our team is dedicated to re-imagining how books are discovered, purchased, and experienced online. We operate 19 well-known and influential book clubs, including Book-of-the-Month, Doubleday Book Club, Literary Guild, and Mystery Guild. For nearly 90 years, these clubs have played an important and distinctive role in the book industry and served several million American book lovers. Today, we are transforming our clubs into differentiated, digitally native services that are relevant to today's most serious readers.


Book-of-the-Month, our oldest and most well-known club, was founded in 1926 by Harry Scherman.


Our eCommerce platform operates 19 different book clubs spanning a variety of genres and interests.


Over the last three years, we helped 6,529 different authors promote and sell their work.

"What a deprivation it is to miss reading an important new book at a time everyone else is reading and discussing it."

—Book of the Month Club, 1926